The Next Pope?

The answer to our question comes from Time magazine, a 1994 issue. This tiny sub article titled “Who will be next among us” ,found under the Man of the year cover story, covered who would be the next Pope. Here is a Quote from the article:

“The Europeans have other papabili, among them Godfried Cardinal Danneels,
61, of Belgium. And then there is another prominent convert: Jean-Marie
Lustiger, 68, the Archbishop of Paris. Lustiger was born a Jew, the
son of Polish emigres to France (his mother would die in Auschwitz).
Abandoning his original name, Aaron, he adopted Catholicism as a teenager,
a move that hurt his parents terribly. Lustiger is a trusted confidant
of John Paul’s; when he first visited the Pope, John Paul’s secretary,
Monsignor Stanislaw Dziwisz, grabbed the Frenchman’s arm and told
him, “Remember, you are the fruit of the prayers of the Pope. The
Pope prayed long and hard over his choice.”

TIME–The Weekly Newsmagazine–1994 Dec. 26, 1994 Man of the Year:PopeJohn Paul II COVER/MAN OF THE YEAR, Page 72 Who Will Be First Among Us?
By Kevin Fedarko–Reported by Greg Burke/Rome and Thomas Sancton/Paris

The next question raised is the prophetic impact of a Jew being the next Pope.
In Bible prophecy we are told that the Antichrist will ‘sit in the temple of God proclaiming himself to be God’ (II Thessalonians 2) What is even more interesting is that this Jewish cardinal is incorporating Judaisim into the Catholic mass, and even criticizing those who say anything about Israeli policies. Lets take a look at another article.

23 June 1996


“After many weeks of silence, Cardinal Lustiger, Roman Catholic
Archbishop of Paris launched an violent attack against the most revered
priest of France, the abbe Pierre who gave his support to the
revisionist book of Roger Garaudy., . Reviled by an almost unanimous condemnation by the press
of his position but strengthened by a recent poll showing he had lost
only 2% of the favorable views expressed by the French public opinion,
the abbe Pierre delivered a heavy blast, blaming the fictitious unanimity
of the press on the .”

The article continues on and calls him :

“A, intellectual priest, his career has been very quick. In books and
interviews, he maintains that he is at the same time a Jew and a
Christian, although this seems difficult to understand to his more
simple-minded parishioners. The intellectual establishment and the
press love it.”

To further express his blame to the Abbe Pierre Lustiger chose the “Tribune juive” , a Jewish weekly, where he stated :

“What is at stake, he said, is an attack against Israeli policies and, on par with it, against Zionism and the Jews in general.”

Now if You have read the FIG TREE SIGN, you will understand that Zionism is at the root of what brings the Antichrist to power. This Zionism Lustiger speaks of is not true Zionism, but false Zionism. True Zionism calls for a true messiah , that is Jesus Christ, and will not happen until after the second coming.

This false Zionism is mass marketed by the media to the public by the name, “The Peace Process”.

The question now is, If elected next Pope, will he complete the peace process and become a MESSIAH for the Jewish nation.

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