Prophecies in The Torah

The prophecies of The Torah are truly amazing. It is incredible that the Torah could preach things so accurately. Take the following example:

“And you will be few in number, instead of having been like the stars of heaven in multitude, because you did not obey the Voice of the Lord, your Gd.” ( Deuteronomy 28:62 )

The statistical probabilities are rather contrary to the fulfillment of this prophecy. Most nations – if they have a long existence – multiply. And if they do not multiply, they cease to exist. Predicting that the Jewish people would live long years without multiplying a lot was really a very risky prediction.

When analyzing Jewish history, we see that exactly what was predicted happened. We are one of the oldest nations in the world and, nevertheless, our population has been slowly developing. Compare the growth of the Jewish population with that of the Chinese, as old as ours. In the year 50 (CE), the Jewish population reached some 6,000,000 while there were already 40,000,000 Chinese. That is, there were 6.67 times more Chinese than Jews in the world. However, in 1975 , the relationship between these figures had varied considerably. 14,150,000 Jews and 1,000,000,000 were counted Chinese, showing that the Chinese population had grown 70.67% more than the Jewish population. We conclude then that the Chinese as a nation have increased 10.6 times faster than the Jews . Some archeologists have found scrolls of the Torah that date from before the year 50 (CE,). In addition, we believe that the Torah is indeed 3,300 years old .

This prompts us to ask, “How could the Torah make such an accurate prediction?”
Let’s look at another example of prophecy in the Torah:

“I will also make the land (of Israel) desolate, and your enemies who dwell in it will be amazed at this; and I will scatter you among the nations that will persecute you with the sword, and your land will be desolate and your cities deserted. ” ( Leviticus 26: 32-33 )

What the Torah predicts is that when our land is occupied by non-Jewish people, it is devastated and not prosperous. The land of Israel is different from that found in other parts of the world: it is only fertile when it is inhabited by Jews. The Torah was very bold in making this prediction because it had to face 1900 years of historical scrutiny of the non-Jewish peoples who lived in the land of Israel. To clarify this prediction, we have below a textual quotation from the great medieval commentator Nachmanides (Ramban):

“By saying the Torah: ‘and your enemies who dwell in it will be amazed at this’ is a prediction of good omen since it assures us that during the exile it will not receive any enemy because no other land will be found anywhere else in the world. prosperous and good like that (in times past) that has become as desolate and deserted as we see it now: because since we leave it does not accept another nation. Everyone strives to make it prosper, but nothing comes . ” (Ramban Al Hajumash, Leviticus 26:32).

If we analyze the history of our land, we see that this is exactly what happened. During the 1900 years that our land was occupied by non-Jews, nothing emerged from it. It was inhabited by Romans, Turks, Crusaders, British and Arabs, and the land never prospered. However, we Jews have been occupying the land for only 60 years, and it is developing and prospering rapidly. Tel-Aviv is an important industrial city, Jerusalem recovered much of its ancient beauty, Beer Sheva is a manufacturing center and Haifa, the main port of the country . Israel has become a major exporter of fruit, thanks to the cultivation of Jaffa oranges and the creation of Carmel wine. How could the Torah know the “sensitivities” of the earth and make such a prediction 3300 years ago, accurately covering 1900 years of Jewish history?

We will now give a third example of prophecy in the Torah, as surprising as the others. As you read these prophecies, do not forget how difficult it is to make these predictions and see them fulfilled. All of them span thousands of years of history, and this increases the chances of error. It is much simpler to accurately predict 50 years of history than 3000. Imagine trying to predict what the world will be like in 3000 more years, with the smallest details! Do you really believe that you could be right? We continue our analysis based on this basis.

We find in the Book of Isaiah the following prophecy:

“And Babel (Babylon), beauty and pride of the Chaldeans (Kasdim) will be like Sodom and Gomorrah that God has upset. It will never again be inhabited, nor will it dwell on them from generation to generation. ” ( Isaiah 13: 19-20 )

It is without a doubt a very risky prophecy. Babel was one of the biggest centers in the world. In fact. Alexander the Great thought of making it the center of his world empire. Predicting the fall of a city as great as this one, and asserting that it would never be rebuilt is certainly very daring. Athens, Rome and Jerusalem, famous cities throughout the world, were destroyed and then rebuilt. According to some modern archaeologists. Babel was about 34 km south of the current city of Baghdad, on the banks of the Euphrates River. If you were to take a car now and travel those 34 km, you would only find sand. Lots and lots of sand . But not Babel, because it does not exist anymore. In fact, there is no trace of it! How could our prophets succeed once more in their predictions?

Let’s see a fourth example of prophecy in the Torah, taken from the poetic book of Tanach, Shir Hashirim (Song of Songs):

“My beloved D’s resembles a fawn or a young roe deer; while He is standing behind our wall … “( Shir Hashrim / Song of Songs2: 9 )

On the previous verse, our oral tradition says the following:

“… while He is standing behind our wall …” Behind the western wall of the Sanctuary, why? Because the Creator swore that he would never be destroyed. ” (Midrash Shir Hashirim Raba, Parasha Bet)

This midrash is situated 1750 years ago , predicting that the Western Wall of our Temple would never be destroyed. First, who has ever heard of a wall that remains intact for 1750 years? In addition, Jerusalem was destroyed and rebuilt nine times historically. How can you expect a wall to not collapse in the face of so much destruction?

However, when the Israelis liberated Israel in June 1967, they marched immediately to the place where the Temple once stood. It was a very emotional moment, because it was the first time in 2000 years that the place of the Temple was in the hands of the Jews . Many soldiers sobbed with emotion, while others jumped for joy. But when looking around, there seemed only debris; the Jordans had finished before leaving with all the vestiges of Jewish culture. Interestingly, only one thing was still intact: The Western Wall! He had not undergone any alteration in nine conquests and destructions of Jerusalem! Today, where do the Jews go when they want to pray in the holy place? The Western Wall, of course! We must ask ourselves two questions. First, why was only the Western Wall conserved? And second, how could our Tora predict it 1750 years ago?

We now provide you with a fifth and final example of prophecy in La Torah. In truth, there are hundreds of historically proven Torah prophecies.

The following prophecy is one of my favorite prophecies. Many people often ask themselves, Why did the Jews return to the land of Israel after being 2000 years out of it? What merit did the Jews have to deserve such a favor from D’s? Also, why were the socialist Jews, totally forgotten and far from religion, who deserved to carry out this repopulation of the land?

What the Torah predicts about it is absolutely amazing! Our Torah predicted 2300 years ago that a mitzvah will always be observed by the Jews, whatever their position with respect to the principles of Judaism. Even during the Crusades, the Holocaust, or our crisis of modern assimilation, the Jews have always carefully fulfilled this mitzvah. In the Soviet Union, they perform it with much sacrifice. you know what I mean? To Brit Mllá, circumcision! This is a mitzvah that every Jew observes, be it socialist or very observant. The Torah predicts that all Jews will always comply with this commandment, and by the merit of it allowed us to return to our homeland. We examine the following verse:

“And you too, by the blood of your Brit (Covenant / circumcision) you will be saved, and I will bring your prisoners out of the cistern without water” (Galut-Exile) ( Zechariah 9:11 ).

This prophecy clearly alludes to our exodus from exile (of Galut), since the entire Book of Zechariah is a long prophecy about the Jews who leave the exile. In this case it is mainly predicted that we will deserve to return to our land for having continued to fulfill the Brit Milah. The great commentator Najmánmides (Ramban), already quoted, said the following 800 years ago:

The verse ” with the blood of your Brit ” alludes to the messianic era in which the generation will be spiritually empty. The Jews will forget the Torah and a feeling of arrogance and insolence will prevail. The only merit that the Jews will have will be the mitzvah (precept) of Milah (circumcision). (Ramban – Shir Hashirim chapter 5).

How could the prophet Zechariah predict so accurately our return to the homeland? How could he know that we would not observe practically any mitzva except the Brit Mllá? Could any human being really make this prediction 2300 years ago?

The prophecies of the Torah lead man to reflect a lot, and even more, to ask many questions. How many books exist with such exact prophecies about our future as the Torah? And are their predictions still being true 2000 years later? And if there is no other book like our Torah (as far as I know there is no other), then we can analyze what is different and different from the Torah book with respect to other books?

By delving into the Torah we grasp the very essence of Shavuot. However, this discovery will not end with Shavuot, but it is an eternal task.

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