Pope / Arafat sign Covenant on Religion

Paves way for the Anti-christ and the false prophet

In 1999 the Prophecy Center posted a web page titled “The Fig Tree Sign”, it Biblically explained how through anti-semitism, (hatered of the Jewish state Israel) the forces of darkness would attempt to duplicate the promises of the millenium kingdom. This I explained, was being done by what I called False Zionism, an evil duplicate of what Christ will bring when he returns at the second coming.

Now that evil empire is setting it’s self up, just as the bible predicts. The agreement signed by the Pope and Arafat, gives the Papacy religious soverignty over the yet future Palestinian state. Article Seven states :

Article 7

“Full effect will be given in Palestinian Law to the legal personality of the Catholic Church and of the canonical legal persons.”

In other words , the Pope will have full legal effect to enforce his religious will upon Palestine.

Notice the back door is left open, where it states “legal Persons”. As I explained in the ‘Fig tree sign’ article, the future antichrist will make the Palestinian leader his religious “governor”over Jerusalem. That will be the False Prophet!.

What About Israel

The agreement mentions the state of Israel once in the fowwlowing statement:

“Calling for a peaceful solution of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, which would realize the inalienable national legitimate rights and aspirations of the Palestinian People”…

Here it calls for a peaceful solution , then continues to state that altering the status of Jerusalem, that is a divided Jerusalem and cites international law as the regulator, not the Israeli state.

“unilateral decisions and actions altering the specific character and status of Jerusalem are morally and legally unacceptable; ”

Seems to me Arafat and the Pope both have something to gain with this agreement

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