5 prophecies that predict the beginning of the Third World War

In the light of the latest developments in Syria, a territory in which multiple global interests would be disputed, the prophecies that have long predicted a third war on a global scale are more valid than ever . These are five of the most chilling.

Donald Trump and the beginning of the Third World War : according to the predictions of the self-proclaimed messenger of God , Horacio Villegas, the conflict situations generated by the US president will start a third war. He specified that this will occur on the hundredth anniversary of the appearance of the Virgin of Fatima, that is, on May 13, and will end on October 13 of this year.

Prophecy of Mother Shipton : more than 450 years ago, this famous English occultist predicted the beginning of the Third World War in the Middle East region and pointed to the United States as the main power of destruction. “The war will come from where the Turk and the pagan dwell, who in a fierce quarrel will seek to annihilate their lives. When the north divides to the south and in the jaws of the lion the eagle nests, then the tax, the blood and the war will come to every humble home. ”

Nostradamus : the scholars of the work of Michel de NĂ´tre-Dame, better known as Nostradamus, claim that the French astrologer predicted the coming of the Islamic State and pointed it out as the germ that would give rise to the Third World War. In addition, he predicted that several cities would be razed and everything would be accompanied by severe natural catastrophes.

Baba Vanga and the war of the three centuries : also known as the “Nostradamus of the Balkans”, is considered one of the greatest seers of the twentieth century and predicted, among many other successes, the advent of Donald Trump to power. He predicted that the 45th American president will make the country fall and that the Third War finds its true origins in the Arab Spring. Likewise, he warned that the conflict will not cease until the year 2341.

Pope Francis : the Supreme Pontiff of the Catholic Church warned that we are already going through the Third World War, although in small pieces , according to him. The sum of all the war conflicts currently in force, including terrorist attacks, would be the scene of a great contest on a global scale. In addition, he hinted that the real reasons are hidden behind the world water shortage: “I wonder if in this World War III in bits that we live, we are not in the way of the Third World War for Water,” he said.

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